Raspberry Pi: feeling geeky!

So a new experience with RaspberryPi, Linux, SSH and connectivity!

Purchased RPi and got it initially configured. Ethernet into router, browse web, perform basic shell commands. Then moved to iMac OS X terminal window with SSH for even more sophistication. With RSA keys, the SSH just works very smoothly.

Then configured for home Wifi and tested with Attachmate’s Reflection terminal emulator. Works great! iPad to Linux console; I’m not sure this is totally kosher, but taking chances here.

Then off to Windows 7 with Putty and SCP, yep that works pretty easily enough as well.

Time to get fancy. Shutdown home router and fired up iPhone Personal Hotspot. Configured RPi to accept that. Connected from iPad to RPi via iPhone: yep, that works as well.

Finally, just to impress my wife (NOT), I installed Reflection on iPhone and, sure enough, I now have iOS with terminal emulation to Linux console.

When does the geekiness stop?

Raspberry Pi: feeling geeky!

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