Other “NoProjects” Businesses

There is considerable chatter supporting “NoProjects” software. Basically, the notion is defining, measuring & delivering software as a project is not-so-helpful.

Are there business models that aren’t project based? Sure, consider farming: one doesn’t know when to expect the harvest, the quality or quantity. Even more dramatic, consider a premature infant in a Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit; imagine the insanity of putting a “project plan” around releasing these children!

Perhaps projects come from giving the financial people too much clout. One notable success came from Alan Mullally at Ford Motor Company. He allowed finance a voice, but they were expressly¬†not the decision makers. Methinks he understood that finance doesn’t understand product. The famed Mr. Jobs had a reputation for setting aside deliveries if the product wasn’t of sufficient quality.

So is the notion of NoProjects totally insane? Perhaps not…

Other “NoProjects” Businesses

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