$40 Book More Valuable Than Engineer

So an engineer has been laboring over a set of technology “X” projects that have staggering amounts of technical debt. He observes that when the prior engineers didn’t have the training, inclination or encouragement to make necessary improvements, this debt is a natural outcome accrued at a compound rate over many years.

When said software veteran with decades of experience takes this over, works with it for several months and renders his opinion of the state of affairs, what is the outcome? Note the company & management team has paid several hundreds of thousands of dollars for this engineers time over the past couple of years. Obviously this company has paid quite a lot for any opinions rendered.

So what happened to said opinion (and re-articulated many times); nothing.

Until a book is found on the technology… Such a book cost, what $40, $50 – let’s get crazy: $200! On page 463, that author stated: “If your projects are organized in this way, they will become unmanageable.” Huh. When the management team sees this, then immediate approval for re-writing is granted.

Does the management team realize how depressing this is? Why is this engineer kept around if their opinion is competitive with a $40 book?

$40 Book More Valuable Than Engineer

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