Goal: Zero  Bugs

As a recent football game started between Michigan State and the University of Wisconsin, the announcer mentioned this game to be a slugfest between a couple of heavyweights. It occurred to me that perhaps, both coaches are focused on allowing the opposition ZERO POINTS. 

A recent Eric Dietrich blog mentions common and weak perspective by many in software: “It’s OK to have bugs.”

Back to football: which coach will tell the team that allowing the opposition to some “some” points is acceptable? This is so perfectly illogical, that no coach would ever start his team off with this step. 

Returning to the weak-kneed software development managers where it’s OK to have bugs. Where and what is acceptable? Do you understand how difficult it is to define this mushy area? All you need on your team is “Wally” from Dilbert to start poking holes in the grand plan and productivity, quality and moral begins the slide… In very little time the quality is low and the team culture is almost irrecoverably beyond salvaging. 

The converse option: having a zero defect culture gives direction and motivation. Zero defects is  hard to achieve since there are so many vectors to pursue. Pick one; make some progress; pick another and so on. This would give team members to contribute on many areas, which provides each member an opportunity to contribute in their area of expertise. You know, punters have different skills than linebackers and so on. 

So then, it’s inconceivable that a coach would spot the opposition any points. Why would we accept the same from software?

Goal: Zero  Bugs

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