Individual Cumulative Flow Diagrams

CFD’s are a popular and effective means to summarize performance at a glance. These are truly amazing devices that communicate how well a team is moving forward.

How come none of the agile delivery systems (the few I’ve canvassed) don’t have CFD’s by individual?

After all, teams are compromised by individuals – no really, it’s true. Why are folks only interested in the aggregation? Is there not an incredible amount of information at the individual level?

  • Who is overloaded – why?
  • Who is always, always, always on time – really; why?
  • What are they doing that others should be or should not be doing?

Are we too insecure to compare our performance to peers? To the team? Perhaps we’re worried about political gamesmanship with this level of transparency?

In professional sports, individuals are measured to excruciating detail. Are we not professional? Maybe if we could demonstrate our value by solid metrics, we would get paid much better!

Is a team successful because of one or two people? Is this good or bad? (How much insurance do you plan on buying for these folks?)

Individual Cumulative Flow Diagrams

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