Always Something for You

This article “Microsoft’s 16 Keys To Being Agile At Scale” is obviously about a large company. What was surprising is how some small, small changes are a part of the big company. Every team can harness some version of item #7 (bug count < 40 – always) to ensure quality is being maintained.

There are many other items useful to teams & companies of all sizes.

Why bother commenting on this? Well, there isn’t enough time to make all the mistakes in the world so it would be better to learn from others. Especially when considering scale; if an idea doesn’t scale, are you precluding outrageous success?

#14 is a wonderful test of your commitment to transition from waterfall to agile. The “hardening” sprints are a sign of management noncommittal, which is immediately sniffed out by developers. Do not expect developers to embrace agile if the management team is weak. I love how Microsoft bit the bullet on this.

Always Something for You

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