Adding PGP (GPG) to Mac OSX

Recently it was necessary to add PGP technology to my work laptop. So then, it became imperative that the same be implemented on my personal MacBook Pro. This turned out to be pretty easy as I seemed to have found some great web pages that walked me through the steps.

The general recommendation was to have GPG Suite installed. It’s easy enough to download, but it had a SHA256 checksum hash to validate the download. The version of OpenSSL that Apple provides is not capable of SHA256, so that meant upgrading OpenSSL.

It turns out that OpenSSL is distributed as source, not a compiled binary. Compiling open source can be an adventure, so I pondered a bit to make sure I was willing to spend the time to get it working. It turns out, the pages I found worked perfectly – just follow the steps! The only hassle was adding my non-admin account to the sudo list. Not a big problem, just a small hiccup.

From there, installing GPG Suite was a breeze and testing with other accounts confirmed it’s working just fine.

Here are the pages you’ll need: – takes > 1/2 hr to build. Follow each step & all will be well will get the installer
Adding PGP (GPG) to Mac OSX

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