Poor Performance is Easy: How to Eliminate?

In any endeavor, one has a choice to perform well or poorly. It’s very easy to be poor performer; take the path of least resistance, offer excuses, passive aggressive behaviors, and so on.

What can be done to reduce this? How can a boss work with his team, using their words and actions to constantly improve performance?

Ask either the team or individual: what has been done in the past week/month/2 months to improve performance? Track the results. Share the results. Discuss them.

It’s important that one not get caught up in the desire to have “great” or correct or even the best results. Often what is improved today will need to be discarded later as learning or circumstances evolve. The important thing is that a bit of progress is achieved.

Incremental, continuous progress is critical. For the team’s success, as well as for each of us as individuals. There are no excuses.

ps. I would like to thank Harold Allen for a critical lesson he imparted: “As far as the customer is concerned, you cannot remain where you are. When the competition improves just a bit, you have fallen behind!” Thank you, Harold, for the wise words so many years ago.

Poor Performance is Easy: How to Eliminate?

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