How to Contact Your Home Network Regardless of Internet Changes

Your Internet Service Provide (ISP) will change the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your home network without notice and there’s not much you can do about it. When you are away from home, how do can you get to the home network? There are a couple of ways to solve this, even when the ISP changes low-level details like IP addresses.

This small, simple guidance offers an alternative that depends only on one person: you. (Caution: you will need a technical geek to set this up.) It’s pretty simple, buy your favorite geek a pizza and they can have your router notify you of changes. This gives you the ability to connect to your resources without having to contact anyone, share any information, register with some website, remember yet another password or complicated URL, etc.

Your friend will use this method – to track the IP changes. While this is a Linux example, similar solutions are possible for Windows systems. A multitude of notification mechanisms are possible as well, so don’t be limited by the simple email example.

Another use of this idea would be to monitor systems within your corporation where computers change addresses (this can be common within test labs.) As the addresses change, those changes can be forwarded on such that one doesn’t lose time tracking down errant computers.